How To Become a Great Painter

If painting is your passion, then one of your main goals should be to improve and become the best painter you can. If you feel this way and are ready to give it all with the only objective of improving your skills, then you will find in this article actionable and valuable information which will embark you onto the right path.

Practice Is All That Matters

If you want to become great at anything, then you have to practice a lot, every day if possible. If it’s your real passion then it won’t have many problems at the hour of finding motivation to accomplish this feat. Because if a passion is what moves you, you will always find ways to inspire yourself by your own means, that’s a general rule for every single activity out there.

However, one of the secrets is to practice CONSISTENTLY. It’s way better to practice for 1 hour 5 days a week than practicing 5 hours once a week – it won’t work as well as the first case. This is one of the most important and basics concepts you need to digest, because without consistent practice it will be almost impossible to become better.

Why? Because the brain requires time to assimilate the different techniques and methods you learn. This same concept is applied to every single sport out there or activity, even for photography it’s applied. If you want to become above-average, then you will have to make of constant practice a routine for you.

But the focus is also important. You need to find what you are failing at, so you can strengthen these weak points with your practice. Because this sort of “training” must be aimed towards improving these weak skills at certain areas, this is how you will become better.

Reverse Engineering

Another tip we can give you is to explore the wonders of reverse engineering. All you need to do is to find an artwork you like very much and truly admire, so you can reverse engineer it. We know it’s not as easy as it sounds, but you will learn a lot as a result of this.

This same tactic is applied in computer programming. Students find a program they like very much and actually find to be useful. Once they find this program, their goal is to reverse engineer it or try to create something similar. You won’t create anything great out of this, but you will learn how to create great things.

Be Creative

And finally you have to be creative. You need to break your own barriers and don’t be afraid to try new things. You must take your mental barriers down and don’t be afraid of experimenting with the new things, because this is what will give you an edge over the rest.

Innovate all the time, because art is driven by creativity. Remember this all the time, practice and you will become a great painter in no time.