Knives Are Better Folded

For some people, carrying a folding knife is a matter of their reputation. Some kids might even carry one just because they think it is cool and they will be the coolest kids on the block for being in possession of them. But one thing that many tend to forget is the primary use of these folding knives. Though it is often seen as primarily a tool for self-defence, its real application is almost everything but that. These knives are primarily designed as tool and not weapons. A hammer is a tool, but it could definitely be used as a weapon if the wielder has the intention to cause harm with it. Anything can be a weapon with the right intent.

So, if not as a weapon then what are folding knives used for? They are tools for the many tasks that come about in daily routine that have need for a sharp edge. Opening boxes and letters, cutting zip ties and cordage. Food prep is also a fairly main application of these folding knives. When cutting apples, making sandwiches it is helpful to have a knife on you especially when in the outdoors. You won’t be taking your kitchen with you wherever you go and kitchen knives are barely suitable for transport. The difference being that folding knives are literally just that, they fold on themselves within the handle. This allows you to carry them safely in your pocket without worrying about cutting yourself every time you stick your hand down there.

They travel safely in your pocket and are very convenient. You can find yourself the best folding knife by visiting where they have a selection of knives available for you to choose from. Each knife comes with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Why Prank Gifts Are a Great Idea

So you have a close friend whose birthday is coming up. The question you might be asking yourself is, what gift can you possibly get them to show how much you care? After knowing someone for several years, one tends to run out of good gift ideas which is why you need to start looking into different avenues.

The key to making your gift memorable is to think outside the box a little. Your friend already knows you care, so why not play a prank on them this time around? A great way to do this would be to get them prank candles. You can just imagine how the party would start off with a bang when people see that you have bought some lovely scented candles for your friend. The lovely smell of these candles would set the mood and get everyone ready to have a good time. And then, after the candles have burned away a little, the smell would change entirely. Now the whole party would smell like the inside of a dirty toilet! You would be able to watch as everyone runs around trying to find the source of the bad smell until you finally reveal that they have been pranked. You can rest assured that this is going to leave everyone at the party laughing so hard they’d be in stitches, and what’s more is that you will have truly made the night memorable for all that attended.

It is recommended that you get your friend a proper gift as well, just to make sure they know that it was just a harmless prank. You don’t want them thinking that you just hijacked their party for your own benefit after all, now do you?

The Importance of Protein

It is not hidden information that protein is very important for the body and it is called an important building block because it plays an important role for the whole body. Protein is used by the body to create tissues, hormones, enzymes and many other things.

People often associate protein with body bulging only because trainers use protein powder to bugle but the fact is that protein can also be used to reduce weight which might come as a shock to you but you can do your research on it and it will show you protein repairs and builds the body in such a way that the extra fat is affected.

If you wish to acquire more information on protein then you can go to which is a very educational site not only about protein but about a lot of other healthy foods and practices which will help people be healthy in their life. The owner of the site is Cindy Wilson who also provides the information on it as she is quite qualified in the field.

Percentage of Protein
If we talk about your daily diet, it should have at least 15% protein in it which can be acquired through different sources like lean chicken or steak, broccoli and many other things. You can even take protein powder if you feel that you are not getting the required amount of protein through food.

Benefits of Protein
We already mentioned the benefits above albeit briefly. In simple, protein makes enables a body to be healthy. If you are overweight, it will help you reduce weight and if you thin then it will help you gain weight and extra amount of protein and exercise help people’s body bulge.