Even though log cabins look unrefined and rough, they are structure which cannot be built by any builder and the build would need certain training and expertise before he/she can think about building one. Log cabins are not like the ordinary houses or buildings, the structure is primarily the same for all log cabins and their crudeness is their beauty. As the name suggests, log cabins are made from logs, though there are other materials involved too for different purposes.

Log cabins are big in Ireland and if you have decided to get a log cabin of your own, you can get it built by Log House. It is a known fact that log house Ireland is the best builder and supplier of log cabins and no competitor even comes near to the excellence of the company. If you are not hyped up about the company then read on the reviews left by the clients of the company and you would surely be persuaded to hire Log House.

Best Seller of Log Cabins

According to the clients, Log House sells the best log cabins because the cabins are well built and the cost of the log cabins is just right.

Log Cabins Just For The Client

The company worked with many clients who wanted a specific design for their log cabins and all of those clients claim that the end result made them happy because it was just what they wanted.

Professional Attitude

The team of Log House is praised by each and every client because they deal with the clients professionally yet in a friendly manner which is a plus point.


The builders are passionate about their work hence they build the best log cabins.

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