This article is more like a rant, or better yet a critic to the modern world. What’s happening with art? What’s going on with it? Sometimes it seems like we are not evolving on this field, but rather walking backwards. Why is that happening? And what do we mean by “involution” of art? All these things will be explained on this article.

Real Art

Just before starting, we have to remember that Nietzsche, one of the greatest philosophers in history, predicted that the new generations would be full of philosophers and thinkers whose unique talent would be to impress people. And this is utterly true, you just need to compare the works from previous philosophers and writers with what is being produced today and you will have a great surprise.

It seems like what we used to call as real art is being left behind and being replaced by something inferior which unique purpose is to impress people. Nietzsche was more than right on this, and we are experiencing this new “breed” of philosophers, thinkers, writers, painters, etc. We are living this time and this is looking very bad in fact.

Impressing people is not a bad thing, but if the unique purpose is this one, then we are screwed. You just need to compare one of the greatest artworks from the past to what some painters produce nowadays. Could you compare a Dali’s artwork with a modern artwork which is mainly composed by ugly yet bright paint lines? The answer would be a big no.

Just compare The Garden of Delights with any modern painting and you will be left speechless. What we produce today cannot be compared to what our ancestors did. We are only trying to impress people and this is costing us a lot, because the quality of art is just going down. And there seems to be a collective effort to support this idea that anything can be art.

If Anything Is Art, Then Nothing Is

It’s as simple as that. If we are going to call anything art, then nothing is art in fact. You cannot say a modern painting which is mainly composed by stupid lines is as good as one of the following paintings:

  1. Universal Judgment – Michelangelo
  2. Europe After the Rain II – Ernst
  3. Sposalizio della Vergine – Raffaello
  4. Toledo – Greco

There’s nothing to compare. These painting from the past are 1000000 times superior to what we have nowadays, and this is really a shame. And this is a product of trying to call anything art, even if it’s utterly wrong and ugly.

We have to leave behind this noxious attitude which is not only affecting art but also other fields. We must destroy this attitude because we are suffering the consequences of it. If we ever desired to take great paintings back, then we would have to start by destroying this thought which tells us that anything can be art, that’s wrong in many senses.