We have prepared a list of things that you should know before you buy a gaming keyboard so make sure that you read the list before you buy one or you can go to GamerChairs for more information on keyboards.

Types of Keyboards

The two main types of keyboards that are common are the mechanical and membrane keyboards. The mechanical keyboard has real switches beneath the keys so when the key is pressed, the switch is pressed and the command is registered. The problem of this kind of keyboard is that first it is quite expensive even if it is an entry level mechanical keyboard. Secondly, it is quite an inconvenience when you are playing a game and you have to press down hard on the key for the command to register.

The membrane keyboard is different from ordinary keyboards because it does not have actual keys and the surface is flat and flexible with numbers and alphabets in the right place. Each “key” is a pressure pad which has an electronic circuit underneath and that is how the keyboard works. It depends upon the choice of the gamer but some do not prefer it as the absence of proper keys does not give them satisfaction but the attractive feature is that it is very cheap.

Types of Switch
If you are planning to buy a mechanical keyboard then you should really read up about the types of switch. Mechanical keyboards differ from each other on the basis of switch that they have. The most common switches are MX Red, MX Blue, MX Brown and MX Speed/Silver. All of the switches differ on the basis of the “feel” of them, tactile bump, actuation point and other such things.

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