The moment we purchase a smartphone one of our main concerns is to get cool and interesting apps that are relevant to us and make our lives easier. These apps hold great importance in our everyday life as we use them almost half of our day. Whether it is a social website’s app like Facebook or an adventure app like Pokémon Go we have become so used to these apps that we cannot live a day without them. Although 90% of the apps on App Store are free but the remaining number of apps is a big amount that most of us are deprived of using. There is a reason these apps come with a price tag and there developers know about their importance and demand. Many people tend to pay for these apps as they are addicted to using full versions of every app. If you also want to get those apps without paying then you can do it by installing TutuApp on you smartphone.

Like Play Store or App Store TutuApp is actually an innovative store from where people can download the free apk files of paid apps for free. Not only the apps are free but the TutuApp itself is absolutely free of charge. Once you download the apk files of your favorite apps from the TutuApp you can use them by manually installing them on your mobile phone. Make sure to download tutuapp apk file from a trusted website so you don’t get any virus on your phone. Once the app is ready to use you would feel limitless as there would be no barriers when downloading from this Chinese apps store. As the TutuApp is not available on Play Store you can get it from for free.

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